Web Site Design & Development

We will work directly with you to setup a blog strategy involving your executives, contributors, or if needed, one of our Wisdom Digital writers to help generate fresh, ongoing content to keep people coming back to your site again and again (and again!). (read more)

Competitive Analysis
Key to any online strategy is to see what others are doing in the same, or similar spaces to yours. One of Wisdom Digital's many specialties is to fully analyze what your competition is up to all over the web and through the world of social media. (read more)

Content Management Systems
If you've got content (and who doesn't), we can help you manage it. Our speciality is building custom online content management systems and Wisdom Digital solutions are currently in use by clients with hundreds of thousands of articles, millions of photos and data points and lots more. (read more)

Database Development
Data, Data, Data. What's a web site without it? Nothing. And, we can't get enough of it! Data is important both to populate your web site with information and to capture crucial statistics about what your visitors are doing and how long they are doing it for. (read more)

Design & Development
Wisdom Digital's team and access to web site designers and devWisdom Digital's dedicated team, and access to world class web site designers and developers is simply unmatched in the entertainment field. Our team takes advantage of, and expertly implements the latest strategies and i-technologies available to develop custom solutions for your specific needs, as well as designs that attract, entice, and work as you expect across all browsers and platforms. Utilizing all the latest web technologies including HTML 5, AJAX, PHP, MySQL, CFML, frameworks and more, ensures that what we develop will work for you today, tomorrow, and beyond.eloper's is simply unmatched. Our team takes advantage of the latest strategies and i-technologies available today to develop custom solutions for your needs, as well as designs that attract, entice and work as you expect across all browsers and platforms. (read more)

Are you looking to sell something online? Take orders? We can help. Wisdom Digital has set up solutions and helped to open online stores large and small and can also assist with opening a merchant account for all your online processing needs. (read more)

Email Solutions
If you have an established site and email list, you know it's one of the best ways to keep in touch with existing and potential customers -- and one of the best ways to annoy them as well. If you don't yet -- your business is in desperate need of one. (read more)

Mobile Web Sites
Both you and your customers are often on the go these days and ALL web sites need to be mobile-friendly or have mobile options. Wisdom Digital's developers ensure that all technologies being used on your web sites are fully compatible with all mobile devices include iPhones, iPads, iOS, Android devices, and more. (read more)

Online Brand Management
Your online reputation and brand management is crucial to the success of all of your online projects. Wisdom Digital Media will work with you to develop a FULL online brand management strategy including advertising, link exchanges, social media, public relations and advertising plans. (read more)

Search Engine Optimization
If they can't find you, what's the point? All of our sites are designed to take full advantage of all safe and recommended search engine optimization for Google, Yahoo!, Bing and more. Our custom content management solutions include a full-range of fields to make sure each and every page is full optimized for all of the major and minor search engines. (read more)

Social Media Marketing
The digital world is ever-changing and there's nothing hotter today than social media. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ or "what's next", Wisdom Digital is on top of all the important social media trends and strategies. (read more)

Top Hosting & Reporting
All of the work that goes into online solutions is only worth it if people can access it. Wisdom Digital works with only top of the line hosting providers that utilize tried and tested redundant networks, power and data backups and other enterprise level solutions. (read more)